• Transparent

    Third-party batch testing from plant to product, so you know exactly what you are getting.

    Tested soil, tested plants, tested product. There is no "acceptable" level of contamination.


  • USDA Certified

    Our products are Certified, not just made using a few organic ingredients... This means our supply chain is audited, our records are checked, and our facility is inspected every year.

  • Sustainable

    Every purchase plants trees, funds animal rescues and supports real people. Not corporations.

    Production. Purchasing. Packaging. People. Partnerships. Certified sustainable for the future.

  • Oregon Tilth

    OTCO is a leader in organic certification because of their principled approach to making our food and agriculture biologically sound and socially equitable

  • Quality

    We use liquid CO2 to produce the highest-purity products for your pet.

    Our products are naturally palatable. No flavorings, no added salt, and no sugar.


  • Coming Soon!

    We believe in excellence and accountability in our products.

    For the pet industry there is no higher standard than the NASC Quality Seal.

    Coming in 2024!

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